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GSAD-25 SUPER HEROIEN Action Wars 25 -Charge Mermaid

This is the last battle of Charge Mermaid/Nanase Amami. General Gale is in love with Nanase’s intelligence, fighting ability, beauty, and voluptuous body so he hopes her to be his wife. However, Nanase never love with such a pure evil. Opponents create the strongest monster and capture Charge Mermaid/Nanase Amami. They put chastity belt on Nanase’s body to hold her but she escapes from them. Combatants persistently chase Nanase Amami. Charge Mermaid fights with General Gale again but General Gale is cleverer than her in this time. Charge Mermaid/Nanase Amami is disgraced, tortured, and executed through a long time…[BAD END]

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