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GRET-23 Gigantic Heroine (R) Aries Part 2

Ren, a member of the Earth Defense Force Medic, rescues Nanako from evil Garan who tries to deprive the biological data of Aries. Ren has a kindness for Nanako. But then she is captured by alien Garan and is tortured violently. The alien Garan disguises himself as Ren and toys Nanako by attacking in her unguarded moment. Nanako is deeply inserted thick connector to her vagina again. Male staffs are brainwashed and join the torture. Nanako is disgraced by her fellows and feels orgasm over and over again. But she overcomes her crisis miraculously. Ren transforms into Aries to battle with gigantic monster although she has been trained as a sex servant. Final moment approaches to Aries. [BAD and HAPPY END]


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