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GRET-21 Gigantic Heroine (R) Aquas Lady

Aquas Lady chases an evil space monster and come to the Earth. Female teacher Misaki is possessed by Aquas Lady because Aquas Lady thought Misaki’s soul is noble. When Misaki is teaching bad student Ozaki, she is attacked by Alien Giriam. Misaki is disgraced by Alien Giriam for leaving Ozaki to safer place. However, Alien Giriam disappears without killing her. Next day, students go to the school excursion. But Misaki stays behind the school. She transforms into Aquas Lady and battles with monsters. She has trouble with battle with two monsters. And there, the school bus is stranded. She tries to protect the school bus. However, Alien Giriam also appears there…Is Aquas Lady able to protect her town?【BAD END】

GRET-21 01

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