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GIRO-28 Superheroine Outdoorsy Surrender - Super Lady Loses Power -

Super Lady saves an agent of the Galactic Police but he is severely injured… Right before he disappears, he hands Super Lady the machine that can send the user to wherever and whenever they want. Super Lady decides to return the machine to Professor Hirota but she reminisces of her planet, which was destroyed years ago… If she uses this machine, perhaps she may be able to stop the catastrophe. Although the heroine felt guilty for stealing the machine, she uses it to go back in time. Super Lady is sent to a whole new world, where her body feels very heavy. For the first time, she is experiencing gravity; she cannot fly and use super strength. She is sure this is her home planet! The heroine is cheering because the transporter worked but a man attacks her… Super Lady cannot use her power to defeat the assassins and… [BAD END]

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