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GIRO-20 Monster Buster Rinko

Monster Busters… They are the ones who hunt monsters in the city. Rinko Hachigamine awakens the monster conceived inside a crystal and becomes a Monster Buster to save her friend, Otoha Amikasa. By transferring the monster energy to her friend, it prevents Otoha from turning into a monster. But a different Monster Buster and the butler interferes… numerous factors intertwine and Rinko must kill Otoha, who is now a monster! Then, Otoha’s soul is poured into the Demon of Desire by the butler. The Monster Busters must fight against the Demon of Desire… Just when it seemed as if Tsukiyo had sealed the monster by sacrificing herself, but Kodama starts glowing strangely and Rinko is transferred to the Sealed Space!! What is Kodama planning!? Rinko is disgraced and… [BAD END?]

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