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GGTB-21 Heroine Peeing Torture –Beautiful Witch Girl Fontaine

A mysterious man is setting up a bomb… Magical Witch Fontaine shows herself to stop him! ‘Magical Witch Fontaine will never allow anyone to disturb the peace of this city!’ And like any other days, Fontaine saves the city from the bad guys… But just then, Deabil appears. And the bomber throws his clothes away and changes into a monster. This was all planned out by Deabil to lure out the beautiful heroine. The battle between Deabil and Fontaine begins. When the monster shades Fontaine’s eyes with his hands, Fontaine’s body gets frozen! Deabil pours the mysterious chemical into the heroine’s mouth… Although she is worried sick about what the chemical is, she must fight against the monster before he destroys the city… And she feels something wrong happening to her body. Her crouch begins to hurt… Her bitter experience is brought in mind… Fontaine fights courageously to defeat the beast, but she wants to go pee. [BAD END]

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