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GGTB-17 Heroine Leg Fetishism2 - Sexy Mask

A school teacher of the Misakigaoka Academy (Shizuka Sawatari) fights for justice. One day, her student accuses the delinquents for selling drugs. Sexy Mask stops the delinquents before he gets killed but injures her thigh during the battle. On top of that, a mysterious man sees her true identity! Shizuka is surprised by the man, but soon finds out that he is blind. The blind man somehow knows about her wound and cuddles with it... He is strongly obsessed with the heroine’s legs and enjoys licking on it! Sexy Mask flees from the blind man and enters the nurse’s office but that man is there again. From the smell of her legs, the blind man knows she is Sexy Mask and uses the delinquents to defeat her. Sexy Mask defeats the delinquents but falls unconscious from the special potion that was used on her legs…

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