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GGTB-16 A Horseback Facial of Super Heroine 2 - Super Lady

‘Tell the Earl that I’m tired to beating your combatants’ Super Lady scatters the enemies with her super powers. Earl Batler is very upset because the superheroine wounded his pride badly… Even when the enemy has a hostage, Super Lady is calm and composed. She can defeat all of them within a second. But this time, it was different… Batler injects the ‘pheromone weapon’ to Super Lady’s friend. It is a biological weapon that contains the same gene as Super Lady… The only way to stop her friend from suffering is by allowing him to lick her body fluid! The powerful heroine is fidgeting while touching her groin while the Earl examines… Now, she must ride on his face!!! ‘The… tip of your tongue… More… Make it go deeper!!!’ Super Lady gradually loses the pride of fighting for justice… [HAPPY END]

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