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GGTB-12 Heroine Leg Fetishism1 - Beautiful Witch Girl Fighter Fontaine

The combatant needs a plan to defeat Fontaine because many allies were defeated by her. His plan is to capture Yuna Sawamura, who always seems to be around where Fontaine shows up and question her about the true identity of the beautiful fighter. Yuna is attacked by a combatant but secretly transforms into Fontaine. But the Sizzler and Stinger are on to her. Stinger stings Fontaine’s thigh with a poison needle! Fontaine escapes from them but the poison is definetely weakening her! An emergency surgery is required but anesthesia does not work on her. So Fontaine bears the acute pain from the surgery. She leaves the hospital right after the surgery because she has to protect the city. Yuna fights against the Bee Monster and Snake Monster... She is transported to their hideout and...

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