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GGTB-05 Heroine Anus Torture

The Crystal-Woman is a righteous heroine who keeps fighting day by day in order to protect peace of the earth. But the heroine like the Crystal-Woman faces the biggest pinch! One day, after a fight to the death, Crystal-Woman rescues a physicist authority, Dr. Tachibana who is attacked by an evil secret society. But that is a trap set up by the evil secret society! Dr. Tachibana shows his developed high energy generating equipment called the Crystal-Geyser to the Crystal-Woman. But right after she sees it, the Crystal-Woman is attacked with harsh pain. Yes! The Crystal-Geyser is actually a secret weapon which turns the Crystal-Woman’s combat ability into powerlessness! After the Crystal-Woman is captured, she is going to be tortured by an evil scientist named the White-Panther. But surprisingly, instead of physical torture, the White-Panther gives disgraceful torture to the Crystal-Woman because she won’t give up by physical pain. Actually the White-Panther has a plan to tease her anus, which is hard to be trained even if a heroine. Somehow the Crystal-Woman tries to keep calm toward the embarrassment, which is almost beyond imagining. However, contrary to her mind, she reflects her body on first stimulus from her anus. And after that, the White-Panther smears his developed love potion on her anus, and that gives irresistible pleasure to the Crystal-Woman. She is gradually loosing her reason, and she reaches the acme so many times with their pleasure machine’s vibration which is inserted into her widen anus. Well, is the Crystal-Woman just going to give up against the evil secret society! [BAD END]

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