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GGTB-04 Heroine Riding On Face 1

The Justice-Girl has fought against the Death-Empire day by day, but one day she sneaks into the foe’s secret base in order to rescue her younger sister who’s captured by the foe. However, her younger sister Siena is magiced, and against her will, her body is turned to obey an order of face sitting. The Justice-Girl, Siena’s sister is also no match for the foe’s black magic, and against her will, she executes face sitting against foe’s combatants, too. She tries with all her strength and transforms herself into the Justice-Girl, and she once succeeds in running away to her base. However, the foe’s black magician obstinately follows after her, and to anyone’s surprise, she is magiced to show her face sitting even in the base. The Justice-Girl feels so much embarrassment and shame, and she finally looses her consciousness. Then the black magician takes her away and continues to force the Justice-Girl to execute face sitting, and makes the Justice-Girl into their sex servant gradually and forces her to swear to the Death-Empire. After the Justice-Girl becomes one of soldiers of the Death-Empire, her mission is to execute betrayers and foes with her face sitting. The Justice-Girl accomplish her mission step by step without perplexity, and even if she shows her smile so joyfully, however... [BAD END]

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