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GGTB-03 Heroine Clenching - Super Force Survivor Five : Gorgon Brothers' Revenge

Kill-Gorgon is the third son of space mafia Gorgon brothers and under the Space Law he is sentenced and executed for murdering a man. The execution was done by the unanimous decision made by the twelve jurors of the Court of Space, chosen according to the new law about “The Grand Committee for Eradicating Space Crimes.” The remaining two Gorgon brothers, however, swear revenge for their dead brother, and begin to kill the jurors one after another. To protect the five surviving jurors, the Space Police gives a special order to each member of Super Force Survivor Five. Survivor Yellow is assigned the task of guarding the twelfth juror Kato, but Al-Gorgon the eldest Gorgon brother confronts her. Survivor Yellow transforms and almost defeats him, but the second son El-Gorgon interrupts her and takes Kato hostage. Yellow has no choice but to unlock Al-Gorgon’s handcuff. It is time for Gorgon brothers to get revenge on captured Survivor Yellow.... [BAD END]

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