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GGTB-01 Super Heroine Nipple Torture

“My name is Anri Shiratori, Swan Fighter of Science Birdmen Squad. I have solved many cases and defeated the evil many times. I am no longer a teenager, so my body is mature as a woman. My hips and breasts have grown large and my body has become very sensitive. During menstrual period my breasts feel full and my nipples are incredibly sensitive. What if the enemy knows this secret? I sometimes think about it and I feel so nervous before fighting....” The fears of Anri Shiratori or Swan Fighter come true. Unbeknown to her, Anri is followed by Tarantula the sneaking photographer and she is seen visiting a female doctor Aizawa and consulting on her body. An aged sorcerer possesses the body of Dr. Aizawa and attacks Swan Fighter, teasing and torturing her hyper-sensitive nipples! She bites and pulls her breasts so hard as if trying to bite them off, then tenderly fondles her tortured breasts swollen red to give her pleasures. An embarrassing wet stain appears and gets bigger on Anri Shiratori Swan Fighter’s pure white underskirt.... Only her nipples are teased endlessly and as her body reaches orgasm again and again, her mind slowly loses sanity.... Her breasts completely gone mad ejaculate white breast milk every time Swan Fighter comes! Finally Anri Shiratori becomes an evil woman fighter dressed in pitch black costumes.... [BAD END]

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