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AVGP-009 Mobilefleet Crossranger

Three of the so-called Crossrangers, belonging to Section O of the Mobile Fleet, International Security Organization, to fight the crooked Junto Madan, have been successfully foiling Madan’s vicious plots with their fighting skills and brain work. But, Madan’s strongmen Hebi(snake) Curse and Sasori (scorpion) Curse now trap and are about to terminate three of them. Yellow and Blue, captured as hostage by the Madan while trying to rescue Red, are brainwashed. Red rushes to help them out but gets immobilized by an electric shock. The brainwashed Blue, with freezing, and Yellow, with electrocution, molest Red in her delicate parts... Coming to life, Red now faces Hebi Curse’s torture. Twined by snakes all over her body, some sneaking under her suit while others creeping into her groin and stimulating with their rough skin. From her cunt, Red gets her energy sucked out, as her mask vanishes away and she reaches ecstatic climaxes time an again in disgrace. Meanwhile, Yellow and Blue, revived and awakened, are getting tortured by Sasori Curse with knotted rope binding. As the crocked scorpion tails crawl and touch their groins, they are made to reach climaxes. Later, they get screwed by the fighters who devour their bodies one after another.. What fate awaits the Crossrangers?

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