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ZEOD-51 Gigantic Heroine (R) Flare Lady

If monsters and aliens appear, Flare Lady defeats them all. A leader assembles Reiko Kitami who has good skill for martial arts and Mari Mizusawa who’s in charge of weapon development, to brace up members of Defense Force mind. At the same time, monster Sukyurus appears. Madoka, a member of Defense Force, transforms into Flare Lady to fight with the monster but her killer attack Flare Beam doesn’t work the monster. She is suck her energy and beaten by the monster. She loses her power and returns to human appearance. She is captured by the alien Seiren who controls the monster Sukyurus and violently tortured. Real identities of Kitami and Mizusawa were alien Seiren. Alien Seiren return to Mizusawa’s appearance and tells the leader that Madoka was Flare Lady and rob her power to create a ray gun which can beat any monsters. Madoka is deprived her all energy. The alien Seiren sisters shows their brutal true color. Is Flare Lady able to protect the Earth?

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