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ZEOD-45 Angelion -Trap of Black Evil Dress-

Angelion Blue/Fuyuka Kizaki and Angelion Red/Natsuki Mitsumune fight against a witch Yamihime who tries to cover the world with darkness. Natsuki developed her ability as a fighter after Fuyuka, so Natsuki’s battle ability is much inferior than Fuyuka. Natsuki suffers from a feeling of inferiority. One day, Natsuki challenges Yamihime solely, but she is defeated by Yamihime. Natsuki is captured and violently tortured by Yamihime. Then, Fuyuka defeats Yamihime to rescue Natsuki. Natsuki just can’t get happy about this. Natsuki wears Yamihime’s protector which is left when Yamihime died. However it was a Yamihime’s trap. Natsuki becomes Dark Angelion by protector’s evil power. Natsuki is tempted by Yamihime’s talk and attacks Fuyuka to show her power.

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