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ZEOD-25 Heroine in Grave Danger!! Mystic Force Gaia Ranger

Gaia Blue/Mishio Ayukawa, sub leader of Mystic Force Gaia Ranger, had responded to a provocation by Ramanu, a female cadre of the evil organization Laydos, and lost the battle with her and been hardly tortured. Mishio still suffers from a nightmare from the experience, so she tries to fight with Ramanu solely again to get over the past. However Ramanu devastates Mishio with overwhelming power. The secret that Gaia suit is charged by Mishio’s life energy, is revealed. Ramanu put a virus to Mishio’s enforced suit to deprive its control. Mishio breaks off her heart and retreats temporarily. Ramanu persistently chases and tortures Mishio. Mishio squeezes out her last strength and defeats Ramanu to release her transformation. Then cadre Deathwald appears before Mishio with furious because Ramanu was a subordinate and lover of Deathwald. Mishio can’t transform Gaia Blue because she exhausted through the battle with Ramanu. Deathwald attacks and tortures Mishio relentlessly. What happen to Mishio next!?

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