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THP-70 Super Heroine in Grave Danger Vol.70 -Fontaine’s Woken Power-

Journalist Hiroshi Hanamiya and Rion Ikuma find evidence of Zeldovich’s crime. However they are captured by Zeldovich’s pursuer. When they face the crisis, justice heroine Fontaine appears before them. Fontaine manages to defeat Zeldovich’s monster. Yuka Hanamiya, Fontaine’s real identity, saves her husband form the crisis. However, Yuka didn’t notice that a man found the truth of Fontaine’s real identity. The next day, the man visits Yuka. He shows Yuka an evidential picture and says, “If this picture is revealed to monsters, you’ll be in trouble. I believe that your husband, parents, and relatives are all killed.” Yuka is shocked. The man adds, “I’m a fan of Fontaine. Do you understand what I mean?” Yuka is suffered with disgrace but she doesn’t have any other choice. She accepts the man’s order to protect her husband although she understand it is a betrayal to her husband. The man toys Yuka’s (Fontaine’s) body. However, it was a Zeldovich’s trap to set her up. Is Fontaine able to get out of the pinch and defeat Zeldovich!? [HAPPY END]

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