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TGGP-74 Fighting Princess's Fall Mai Hidaka

Mai is the heir to the art of Hidaka ninja. She confronts Darkness Ninja Brothers who are enemy and killed her master. She remembers dishonor and disgrace feelings by facing Darkness Ninja Brothers. It was a horrible defeat that disgraced her body and mind. Mai was fallen into the trap and affected aphrodisiac gas by Ninja Brothers one year ago. And she was disgraced by brother’s gigantic penis after she has given their lewd art. Her sensitivity was became sharpen and she couldn’t help feeling orgasm by their one pick only. Ninja Brothers disgraced her with laughing over and over again. She was left with inserting the dildo in her vagina. Until her colleague came to save her, she only writhes in pain with shame and pleasure feelings. Darkness Ninja Brothers say to Mai “do you have an ability to battle with us?” Mai replies “I was changed.” [BAD END]


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