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TGGP-68 Martial Arts Heroine Incontinence Battle

The young martial artist, Asuna Mamiya plans to enter the Extreme Fighting Tournament. But to enter the tournament, she needs a strong partner. She asks Felisa the Cat Woman to join her in the tournament. And when the tournament begins, her first opponent is the Lagar Family. While Asuna fights against Mr. Budo, a red devil strikes from the sky. Although Asuna is heavily damaged from the attack, the power of the sky guardian awakens. The Red Devil takes Asuna to the underworld and finishes her. The Devil gets damaged but that did not stop it from raping the pretty fighter. With its remaining energy, the devil transfers someone to finish her!? And Felice watches her partner struggle and…

TGGP-68 01 TGGP-68 02 TGGP-68 03

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