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TGGP-47 Ninja Special Investigative Unit Bird Fighter

To avenge the death of her boyfriend Gou, Chizuru Sakura has joined Ninja Special Investigative Unit Bird Soldiers and fights evil as Bird Pink. Gou was killed by Gallanger, an evil organization that is also responsible for the deaths of the parents of a junior high school student Shoko Kazami / Bird Green. Shoko too was almost killed by Gallanger, but was saved by Chizuru, and Shoko joins the special unit so that she can help Chizuru as a Bird Soldier member. During the days of fighting, however, Chizuru continues to use physically demanding moves, and her body grows weaker and weaker every day. Concerned Shoko infiltrates the enemy hideout on her own without telling anyone about her reckless plan, but she is detected and defeated by a gecko monster Goul, who tortures her and exposes her face. Chizuru arrives to rescue the captured Shoko, but she also falls into a trap by the enemy boss Bellkaras. The imprisoned Chizuru is enraged to learn that Bellkaras is in fact her ‘dead’ boyfriend Gou, but too late. She is drugged and cannot move a muscle, and her body gets humiliated ruthlessly. Chizuru desperately tries not to raise her voice so that Shoko, now unconscious, will not wake up. But Gou, a man who knows everything about his ex-girlfriend’s body, continues to fondle and caress her, and Chizuru finally starts moaning loud. In front of Shoko, who has woken up, Chizuru is disgraced by Gou, and then punishmentd by low-rank combatants. Chizuru mentally breaks down in the end, and begins humiliating Shoko’s body before abusing her together with Gou. [BAD END]

TGGP-47 01 TGGP-47 02 TGGP-47 03

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