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TGGP-44 Sailor Prism Ⅲ - Sailor Fighter Brainwashed and Surrendered Becoming a Stone

The three of Girlie Warriors of Sailor Prism have assembled. They are Sailor Priest, warrior of love, Sailor Medium, warrior of water, and Sailor Wizard, warrior of flames. The evil specters that materialized before the three Sailors are totally different from those in the past. The Dark Warrior Gorgon, who hunts down the three Sailors and beats them completely, has the power to turn everyone into stone... Sailor Wizard, the warrior of flames, with the mightiest battling power, is immobilized by having her legs petrified, molested and disgraced. She is the first captive to lure Sailor Priest and Sailor Medium into the trap by. The two Sailors go into the trap knowingly to save their peer. Determined to fight despite the risk, they are fearless and strong. Gorgon, transformed into Sailor Wizard, closes in on Priest and Medium to capture them. The sacred bodies of the two warriors are thrown to specters for molestation. Gorgon turns Sailors into stones and screws them one by one. Sailor Priest, warrior of love, petrified in a shameful pose, is groped and screwed, crying out in pain while looking on her peers writhe in agony, feeling her sacred body destroyed and conceding complete defeat of the three Sailor Prism warriors. The king of the devildom adorns the devildom with the three Sailors petrified as if in bronze... [Bad ending]


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