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TGGP-34 【G1】Superlady Generation1

A long, long time ago. On the planet of Servian where wilderness and desert prevail. Arisa is hard at battle with the encroaching Cloud Devilman’s water attack. There comes to her rescue is SL Queen Maria. But Devilman takes Arisa into the sand along with him. Arisa is drenched and muddied at the den, unconscious. With her motion restrained by witchcraft, Arisa is molested by Death God as he pleases and ends up mutating with the power of a red ore. Evil Arisa attacks Maria. Maria tries to beat some sense into Arisa, but Death God leads her into a prey of mean and lewd carnal desire... [Bad ending]

TGGP-34 01 TGGP-34 02 TGGP-34 03

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