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TGGP-23 【G1】Heroine Lesbian Surrender - Ancient Force Dyno Ranger

After defeating Gohremn, the cadre of Vice’s Clan Golgon, Dyno Rangers have been enjoying life in peace. Dyno Pink Mai, the only girlie ranger, is taking a nap while on a stroll in the park. But, in her dream, a mysterious woman assaults her. Awaken, Mai finds before her eyes Corbina, the new cadre of Golgon. Corbina, a lesbian sadist, has had an eye on Mai. With communication with her colleagues blocked, Mai transforms herself to fight Corbina, but is overwhelmed by Corbina and gets hurt and has her energy sucked out with her transformation broken. Just like a cat bullying a rat, Corbina lets go of Mai and enjoys hunting her down, stubbing her shoulders with a needle to render her arms out of commission. And, she sticks the pleasure needle into Mai’s breast to give her pleasures, not pains, until she faints. Captured, Mai gets undressed one by one, with her body groped to send her to climaxes time and again. Mai narrowly gets a chance to transform again and challenges Corbina almost to beat her. But, Corbina revives as a specter and overpowers Dyno Pink. Beat again by Corbina, Dyna Pink is molested and left suspended just before reaching orgasm, frustrating her like hell and degrading her to become Corbina’s sex servant. [Bad ending]
TGGP23 01

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