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TGGP-10 American Comic Heroine-GO!GO!POWER WOMAN

Power Woman is a superheroine of American comic books, who has been fighting an evil master wizard in the comic book world. One day, because of the magic powers of the villainous wizard, the comic heroine accidentally enters the real world and becomes a real woman! Power Woman needs the power of love as her energy to keep fighting, but Power Woman soon realizes the real world of humans is corrupt with greed and violence. Meanwhile, the evil master wizard Destor starts collecting the power of mankind’s greed from the real world so that his demonic powers can be stronger than ever! Power Woman stands up to fight the greatest evil to protect the people she loves! However, using a long tongue, Death Spirit attacks Power Woman, strangles her neck and incapacitates her for fight. Then the poisonous fluid from the tongue trickles into her sensitive groin and stimulates her body! Finally, after the hard battle against Golem, Power Woman passes out. The evil magician mentally humiliates her, disgraces her then and cums inside her. Feeling the semen of her hated enemy spurting into her womb, Power Woman sheds a tear, but she never forgets her fate as a heroine of justice.... [BAD END]


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