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RYOJ-15 Heroine Surrender Vol.115 -Beautiful Witch Girl Fontaine Polaris

Fontaine Polaris/Mio Izumi is a violinist in music university and has trained to be a goddess through the battle with monsters. One day, a journalist who likes Fontaine and a writer of the third-class magazine “Weekly Heroines Value,” noticed that Mio Izumi is Fontaine. He starts stalking Mio. Monster tribe find out that the weak point of Fontaine Polaris is fire. Fontaine lose the battle with monsters. Fontaine is carefully tortured on her chest and crotch by monsters, and she unconsciously gasps. Fontaine resist but she is thoroughly tortured. Fontaine’s masochistic nature is revealed through the torture and her body and mind becomes mad. Fontaine is crucified with shameful pose and becomes sexual servant…[BAD END]

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