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RYOJ-04 Heroine Surrender Vol.104 Cheer Knights -Cheer Sapphire is toyed by evil-

Robbers attacked the bank and are running away. Then, justice beautiful girl heroine Cheer Knights appears. Cheer Sapphire who were endowed with justice power from the God Zeus, punishes the robbers. They give up bank robbery. Then, a monster of Death Mania appears before Cheer Knights. They start fighting and are engaged in mortal combat. However, she is absorbed her holy power by a monster who newly appears. She gradually becomes weaken and is driven into the corner. She manages to stand with monster’s hard attack but finally she is defeated. Cheer Sapphire is captured, toyed, and disgraced. Cheer Sapphire terribly suffers. The monster injects his filthy fluid to her vagina over and over again. Her holy body is disgraced by the monster. An incurable scar is left on Cheer Sapphire’s heart. Few days later, a man appears before wounded Cheer Sapphire. What is the man’s purpose? What will be Cheer Sapphire’s destiny? [BAD END]

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