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JMSZ-53 Battle Heroine -Evil Cosmetic Brainwash

“Should heroine sacrifice her private life?” Miyuki Suzushiro has been worried. Her friends go to have sweets, travel with lover, and enjoy their happiness life. On the other hand, Miyuki solely spends her life in fighting every day. “In my opinion, you are the reason…I spend every day fighting and exercise. I have no day off.” A woman keeps an eye on void in Miyuki’s such heart. It’s Gerbera, a female cadre of the Underground Empire “Oriens.” Gerbera carefully drives Miyuki, Eagle Blue, a only female member and subleader of Eagle Five, into the corner to defeat Eagle Five. One rainy day Miyuki meets a mysterious female fortuneteller at the building. Miyuki is pointed out lack of her femininity. The fortuneteller recommends a lipstick to Miyuki. Its name is “Jurassic Red” which has a fashion color in this year. Miyuki’s destiny starts to move dramatically since she gets the lipstick. She tried to work it, but she gets in over her head. When she notices it, she is already in a place that she can never come back. Go for it! Don’t lose, Eagle Blue! [BAD END]

JMSZ-53 01 JMSZ-53 02

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