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JMSZ-49 Charge Mermaid Volunteer Re-Brainwash

Charge Man fights with the evil organization Gozua to rescue Charge Mermaid who were abducted by them. Then, Charge Mermaid appears before them but she was brainwashed by Gozua and became Velcima, a right hand of the cadre Doruga. Velcima (ex-Mermaid) attacks Charge Man with obeying Doruga’s order. Charge Man has a severe fight because he can’t attack his friend Mermaid. He desperately call her, “Don’t be gave in to his brainwash! Get back your justice mind!” Charge Mermaid suffers from his words and finally she recovers from brainwash and retrieves justice mind. She beats Doruga with her fellow. However it is a beginning of hell tormenting Charge Mermaid. [BAD END]

JMSZ-49 01 JMSZ-49 02

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