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JMSZ-30 Battle Heroine Incomplete Transformation Betrayal Defeat

Momofuji is the only female member of the super Battle Force, Aura Ranger, and battles with evil organization Derusion. One day, she is attacked by Power Caesar and Tentacle Caesar. She tries to fight with them transforming into Aura Pink. But her transformation is uncompleted due to the effect of the beam that disrupts powered suits coordinate for transformation. She tries several times but she can’t transform into Aura Ranger. She is tormented and captured to the base of Derusion. She can’t beat even combatants without transformation. She escapes from base of Derusion and tries to put on the powered suit. But this time, she is disgraced people who live in the town. She is put on glove and boots poured semen and is sniffed love drug. She is taken to the base of Derusion and meets people captured there. She fights to save them although she is powerless. Besides she gradually becomes prurient by the effect of love drug. Is Rei able to save them? [BAD END]

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