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JMSZ-13 Female Theif White Cat - Masochistic Pet Sexual Tranining Project

Ai Mamiya, aka White Cat the Justice Thief, steals only from the bad guys. She sneaks into the house of a great plutocrat and finds there a bound girl. Cat has had some information about the plutocrat that he is not only the ring leader, dealing in jewelries in the underground but also in trafficking girls. Ai tries to unbind the girl to rescue her, but she is none other than the underground woman boss Sayaka Jogasaki. She has been in wait as bait for White Cat, who has stolen from her underground ring. Sayaka has weakness for jewelries and also for girls. She starts breaking White Cat, using drugs to restrain her motion, molesting her now sensitive body, finally breaking Ai. Sayaka finds out Ai’s latent trait for masochism and roughs her up hard. But, Ai is searching for a chance to fight back while being roughed up. [Bad ending & happy ending]

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