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JMSZ-10 UMA Raider Solitary Island of Immolation

The exploration party bound for the solitary island to capture UMA has gone missing. In the video tape left behind, a certain unidentified creature has been pictured. To find out the truth, a TV crew plans to explore Kiritani Island, the solitary island of mystery at the southernmost tip of Japan Archipelago, taking the specialist Mai Iriya along. Learning that her role as a reporter is to earn viewership rating with her shapely body, Mai turns down the offer at first. But, on the proposal for a research subsidy, she agrees to go on the expedition unwillingly. Once on the solitary island, the exploration team is fed up with nothingness since the unidentified creature never appears. So, they decide to use Mai as a bait for the creature. Having an eye for human females, the unidentified creature gets attracted by Mai’s pheromone and appears. There also comes a poacher, then a tri-party battle ensues... Mai saves Muyatee from being shot by the hunter and gets invited by the villagers who adore Muyatee as the Island’s guardian god... But, the island is indeed a doomed one where formidable traditions govern! The villagers turn to the exploration crew for sacrifice... [Bad ending]

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