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JMSZ-09 Heroine Cruel Story - Beheading Pink

The space mafia named Capona feels excitement to hunt a heroine’s mask. Such Capona has hunt heroine’s masks from all sorts of planets. And this time he aims the Earth-Pink who protects the earth, and begins the move!! In front of the Ranger who fight against the Death-God day by day, Capona’s combatants stand in their way! Three of the Ranger unite the power and beat the combatants, but the Pink-Killer appears and sends only the Earth-Pink to another dimension. The Pink-Killer attacks the Earth-Pink who can’t contact with the other two members! Her strengthening suit is torn apart, and she is placed in captivity! And the Earth-Pink sees the day of fate! The Pink is set to a guillotine stand. She desperately resists it! But then!!! From the overtop of the Pink... [BAD END]

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