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JMSZ-08 Unjust Execution Heroine - Magical Idol Girl Star Light・Rinka

A girl named Linka Kirahoshi(means a starlight that is a flowerlike bell) plays actively as the Idol Magical Lovely Girl. She arrests offenders one after another. Literally, she is an idol at the height of the popularity. But the president of a major talent company named the Galactica envies activity of such Linka. The president plots with a politician and manages to backstab Linka. Linka is falsely charged and is beaten at a grillroom. And she’s determined to send to the ZEUS Prison. Then, what is waiting for her is an atrocious chief warden. The chief warden engraves a number on Linka’s buttocks with a smoothing iron, and puts her in a solitary cell. After being in the prison, she’s got neither any meal nor bathing. Linka...murmurs in the solitary cell. Right after the chief warden hears it, throwing leftover food to Linka, and also as she wishes, discharging water to her instead of a shower, and washing Linka with a mop over and over. Then, people who appear before such Link are the prisoners once arrested by Linka. Only a couple of days are left until a day of her execution... [BAD END]

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