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JMSZ-05 Beautifully-Armored Fighter Chasety

Asuka Onodera, the school’s cutest little girl, is told by a lolicon teacher Manpo to take a follow-up course in recorder. Asuka has to endure a pervert teacher’s hentai music lesson until a monster Zuru shows up before them. Making sure that Manpo has fainted out of fear, Asuka transforms into a fighter of justice Chasety. The fight proves tough, but she manages to defeat Zuru, and taking advantage that Manpo has passed out, she skips the lesson and runs away. That’s when Manpo, pretending he has fainted, opens his eyes and smiles mysteriously. In the meanwhile, Delvi, the monsters’ boss, sends out another monster Goura to attack Asuka. Goura controls a brainwashed kimo-ota (creepy otaku) teacher to assault Asuka. The teacher then punishments her body, and tortures her by squeezing with fingers, and injecting a needle into, her boobs, which are her weakness, and lumps behind nipples. Once again Asuka transforms into Chasety and fights back, but because of the monster’s powerful, concentrated torture of her boobs, she falls to the ground, even though she wins the battle. Asuka, exhausted after the battle with the monster, learns that there is another enemy waiting for a chance to attack. It is the hentai teacher Manpo, who attacks her and tries to humiliate her young and small body. Then Delvi also appears, telling Asuka that it is Manpo who told him her weakness. Angry Asuka transforms, but she remembers that Chasety cannot use her powers against civilians. When she hesitates to attack, she gets caught off-guard, and Asuka is attacked by a blood-sucking centipede and tentacles, and gets captured! What awaits Asuka is a series of unspeakable tortures. [BAD END]

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