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JMSZ-03 Thorough Attacks On A Heroine’s Vital Parts – Elite Fighter Haruka

Haruka Shippu-In, a coed and an elite warrior belonging to Justice, an organization of justice, defending the world from the evil clan Death coming from outer space, has been felling the Death fighters as usual one after another. On fighter, faltering during the fight, accidentally grabs hold of Haruka’s breast and groin, which accident lets virgin Haruka shriek cries of shame as she breaks free from the fighter. One Death’s battle analyst on the scene never misses her shriek and her gesture. Being strangers to the Earth and not knowing that breasts and groin are sexually sensitive organs, Death mistakes her outcry for a sign of having incurred severe damage. So, they make up a monster robot Banisher, especially designed to attack breasts and groin. Later, the Banisher the tender spot attacker sets out to go after Haruka. Haruka fights with her blows and kicks and shoots out energy bullets. Despite her fierce fighting back, Banisher succeeds in beating her down with the attack focused on her groin. Haruka, now miserably laid on the floor with her nipples and cunt bare, twitching and smoldering with smoke. Strapped to a fucking machine, Haruka is now pierced with the thick dildo. ’Ugh!’ Haruka lets out a cry in pain, while Banisher holds a hammer in position to strike at the dildo. Haruka stares at the hammer with fear, which Banisher strikes down mercilessly on the dildo time and again. Driveling with her tongue out, she is deranged, her eyes swaying unfocused, as the hammer is swung on the dildo… Days later, a video tape arrives at the Justice headquarters that has lost contact with Haruka. There on the video is displayed Haruka, the hope of the Earth, in a ghoulish state. [Bad ending]

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