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JMSZ-02 Sailor Heroine Tickling Servant - Fighters Sold at an Auction

Two girls―Kaori Yuzaki(means perfume in a twilight cliff) who transforms into the Sailor-Perfume and Kasumi Misora(means mirage in a beautiful sky) who transforms into the Sailor-Mirage have been fighting against the evil army corps named the Kingdom. One day, one girl appears before Omega who is a female cadre of the Kingdom. Her name is Miss Train. Omega always has a mind to kill both the Sailor-Perfume and the Sailor-Mirage; however, Miss Train proposes to Omega that she should capture and train them and sell them as tickling servants instead of killing them. Omega accepts the proposal and grants full power to Miss Train. At first, Miss Train entraps and captures the Sailor-Mirage, and tortures her with tickling surrender. The Sailor-Mirage falls to the obstinate tickling, and unintentionally calls the Sailor-Perfume. The Sailor-Perfume immediately goes to help the Sailor-Mirage, but she sees the Sailor-Mirage crucified as a hostage. So she cannot fight back, and also takes tickling training by Miss Train. After a while, a female cadre Omega succeeds these girls from Miss Train. The Sailor-Perfume and the Sailor-Mirage are restrained back to back and receiving tickling training. In the middle of the training, the Sailor-Perfume strongly resists Omega, so Omega keeps tickling only the Sailor-Perfume obstinately. The Sailor-Mirage wishfully looks at it, and she totally falls in strong desire of the tickling. After the Sailor-Mirage completely falls, she turns to be a torturer and throws previous accumulated desire to the Sailor-Perfume who is being crucified, and then the Sailor-Mirage smells, licks and tickles under the arms, and also smears some liquid which makes itchiness, and totures the Sailor-Perfume. Finally, the Sailor-Perfume falls into one of the tickling servants, and at the end, two of them are bidden in the tickling auction. [BAD END]

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