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JMSZ-01 Melupure Hard Suppression

There are two girls, Reika Tsukiyomi(means a bright moon reader) as the Pure-White and Sakura Mitsuno(means a cherry in a shining field) as the Pure-Black, and they protect peace from the hand of the dark empire called SangRong. During the school break time on fine day, Reika pushes her way through male students who are surrounding Sakura. Reika only talks with Sakura and neglects the male students...then, next thing she notices that the surrounding students aren’t there anymore and uneasy atmosphere is growing dense...Things suddenly appear there are a legendary monster called Gigan and the king of the death that are said ’they wakes up once in 2000 years, and beat up all living things on the ground. And they take long sleep again.’ In the midst of the battle, the king of the death disappears to somewhere...the Mell-Pure has a close fight against Gigan that is left behind, but somehow she defeats it. However, the Pure-White’s Pure-Compact is cursed by attack which is released just before Gigan is dead. After several days later, when the two girls are walking, suddenly the White is sucked into the Pure-Compact. The Black doesn’t know what to do, and just looks for the White but the Black has no idea where the White is. Then, time passes, the Black hears the White’s cry for help from the Black’s Pure-Compact...And, an invitation is delivered from the King of the Death. There is the Dimensional-Chasm Space which leads to the dark empire SangRong. The Black ventures into the SangRong, while she knows that it’s a trap. Then, what she sees there is the White who is dying. The evil hand of SangRong also pounce on the Black... [BAD END]

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