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JMS-18 Heroine Brainwash Beautiful Girl Artemis Z

The deadly cyborg Urugias finishes Special Agent Haruka, but Professor Hoshino rescues her. She is transformed into Cyborg Warrior Artemis Z to stop the chaos. She battles against Urugias once again, but he uses an EMP wave to stop her. Without the endorphin, Urugias is in great pain. He decides to make Artemis Z his sex servant. Due to the brainwashing machine, Artemis Z is controlled and unwillingly attacks Professor Hoshino. She tries to regain consciousness by disarming the Energy Limiter. But the Nanomachine, which entered her body, controls her and forces her to obey Urugias. Artemis then holds Urugias’ penis in her mouth... [BAD END]

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