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GTRL-58 Heroine Climax Battle Vol.1 Wonder Lady

Wonder Lady has fought with invaders from the space. However, her body has been exhausted through severe fights. She managed to defeat violent alien Runanga and spends peaceful days as Kisaki Daina, an assistant of Dr. Kobayashi. Meanwhile, Bandlega, a ruler of the space, appears before her. Kisaki transforms into Wonder Lady to fight with Bandlega. She manages to defeat three Bandlega’s subordinates but she is defeated by Bandlega. She is crucified and executed publicly. Bandlega gives her an electric shock and gradually enforce it. Wonder Lady is rescued by Dr. Kobayashi and finally defeats Bandlega. However, Bandlega was not real state. Bandlega integrates with three subordinates to become a perfect condition. Bandlega try to attack Wonder Lady with his overwhelming power. [BAD END]

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