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GTRL-54 The Stallion Monster Trilogy Vol.3 -Beautiful Witch Girl Fontaine-

Fontaine/Yuka Sawamura is a girl student and the president of the student council. She was endowed with the power from the God to protect the town. One day, she beats off the bad guy to rescue a citizen on her way to home. The bad guy swears revenge for Fontaine. Then, three monsters of heroine hunters appear before him and promise him to defeat Fontaine. On the other hand, Yuka is worried about how she manages to do her heroine’s mission and ordinary life at the same time. Fugulinger appears before Fontaine and says that I’m a messenger of the God and the God said your heroine’s mission will be finished. Fuglinger urges her to return the transformation item. Fuglinger also persuades her to come back to ordinary girl but… [BAD END]

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