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GTRL-48 Disgrace Hunter BEAST Vol.3 -Sailor Aquas

Holy aqua fighter Sailor Aquas fights with monsters who come from the hell. Disgrace Hunter BEAST has observed carefully Sailor Aquas’ beautiful and noble fight. Sailor Aquas is confused by new enemy Disgrace Hunter BEAST’s overwhelming power, but she manages to defeat BEAST with goddess art. After the battle, Wounded Sailor Aquas is attacked by monsters again. Besides, Disgrace Hunter BEAST revived and stands before Aquas again. Now BEAST understand Sailor Aquas’ weak point. Sailor Aquas is beaten by BEAST’s overwhelming power in this time. BEAST tortures and disgraces Sailor Aquas to get her pregnant. Sailor Aquas is forced to feel orgasm over and over again and loses her mind. Sailor Aquas looks for a small chance to beat BEAST. However, Disgrace Hunter BEAST is much stronger than another monsters…[BAD END]

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