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GTRL-21 Costic Angels 03 Speed Angel

The two Costic Angels, who were chosen by Petra, were defeated trying to stop the revival. King Maoga’s next step is to use the vital sensor, which detects the mental state of the person, to track down the people who are naturally evil. The King commands Death Bicler to steal it. Coincidentally, Riona Kujo introduces the sensor in her TV show and is attacked by her. But Investigator Omori and Petra save her and she is chosen as Speed Angel! She protects the company that creates the sensor from Maoga’s Army but Death Bicler merges with Kurosaki and hypnotizes Ena. Ena steals the sensor from her and Speed Angel drinks Petra before it will be taken away but she is now captured. Death Bicler uses diuretic to eliminate Petra but it turns out that the one she drunk was a fake. Speed Angel fights against enemies to stop the revival of Maoga but…!? [BAD END]

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