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GTRL-17 Sentai Heroine Saga Vol.02 Jewel Ranger

Jewel Ranger are on a mission to prevent the Satan Cross’ ambition. One day, Red gets captured because he protected a man. And Gondo, the man whom Red protected, appears before Pink. Gondo tells Pink that he will trade his treasure, Devil’s Egg, for Red’s life. Although she feels suspicious about Gondo, they infiltrate into the base of Satan Cross. But this was actually all planned out by Gondo! Pink defeats the combatants and tries to finish the commander in chief. Just then, Jewel Red appears! Pink is glad to see her friend, but something is wrong with him… Red tries to slash Pink! While he was imprisoned, Red was brainwashed by the enemy. Pink cannot fight as usual because she does not want to hurt her friend. How will Jewel Pink stop Jewel Red!?

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