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GTRL-16 Sentai Heroine Saga Vol.01 Daytona Ranger

Maria Daimon, aka Daytona Yellow, receives an emergency call within the Mazeran Territory during the mission to send Gondo under guard. Maria saves Harrier Blue, a secret agent, who was getting cornered by Hyuga. Although Harrier Blue doesn’t say why she was there, Maria uses psychometry and finds out that the Mazeran Empire began their invasion on Earth! Maria reports to the chief officer but she is forbidden to investigate any further. But with the help of Gondo, Maria infiltrates into the Mazeran Empire. Although she had no problems getting into their base, Gondo betrays her during the trade. Daytona Yellow is defeated by Darkness, the female cadre of the Mazeran Empire!! ‘Just wait until I defeat you, Jewel Pink…’ says Hyuga, who is treated badly by Darkness. But what does he mean by that? Daytona Yellow is forced to drink the Devil’s Egg and an awful thing happens to her. [BAD END]

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