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GTRL-11 Sailor Heroines Vol.02 Sailor Blaze

Raigo’s plan is to steal the Eternal Jewel from the Sailor fighters. He succeeds in stealing two Eternal Jewels and his next target is Sailor Blaze… While Blaze works as a shrine maiden, she senses someone watching her. But the person who was watching her was actually a boy. The boy claims he fell in love with her at first sight. Sailor Blaze heads to the location where she sensed a demon. While she fights against a demon, a different one comes and attacks her from behind. Just when she was about to get finished, that boy saves her. Sailor Blaze is taken to the boy’s room and falls asleep. When she wakes up, she finds herself getting toyed by the boy and his friends. Then he reveals his true color… Raigo has taken over the boy’s body and is controlling him to do evil deeds. Raigo transfers Blaze and himself to a different dimension. Now she is forced to make a decision, whether to give up the lives of the children or to get disgraced in front of them!

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