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GIGP-12 Spandexer -Extra Domination-

Power Lady has been missing for one month. One day, Power Lady appears before her best friend Spandexer/Haruka Izumi. However, it was a beginning of bad dreams. Power Lady loses her mind and attacks Spandexer. Spandexer can’t against her. Kaiser, an opponent’s cadre, appears and said, “This girl died once.” Power Lady joyfully attacks Spandexer. Spandexer is also shot on her face with rifle. Spandexer begs a pardon for Kaiser. Kaiser steps down her head. Spandexer is crushed up her head and taken to another place. She is violently disgraced. Stand up again, Spandexer! You are the only heroine who can save the world!! [BAD END]

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