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GHOR-96 Ultra-Speed Fighter Accelator

Sae Soma/Ultra-Speed Fighter Accelator becomes Supersonic Speed Fighter when she surpass at the speed of 5,000km per hour, and fights with parallel world “Lexis” that plot the domination of the world. A chief scientist Yukihiko Sengoku finally trace Catharsis, a creature of Lexis that has only instinct to birth children like a queen bee. He plans murder of Catharsis and leave it to Accelator for protecting the Earth. Accelator rushes to the Lexis to confront Catharsis but Catharsis throws sound bomb to the gap of dimension where only unite between the Earth and Lexis, to destroy the Earth. Besides, the defense suit of Accelator is released by passing a time limit. Accelator becomes extremely sensitive due to rain containing love drug effect. Subordinates of Catharsis flock to Accelator to disgrace her…[BAD END]


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