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Superlady (from Planet Creeplight) has battled with evils to protect a town. She usually spends as a private detective Seira Yonekura. One day, she is offered to search a missing person, professor Matsudo who is expert of Applied Physics. Prof. Matsudo invented a technology that gold is purified artificially so he was abducted by Zaizen, a member of black organization “Z” which plans worldwide finance terrorism attack and is forced to their evil plans. Black organization Z conspire with a vicious alien Parnas (He envies Superlady) to purify enormous Creeplight mineral (it is a weak point of Superlady) and they succeed in generating an executer for Superlady “The End.” Superlady’s client, son of Prof. Matsudo is kidnapped so Superlady rush to the opponent’s base. However she is beaten thoroughly by “The End.” Superlady suffers disgrace tortures…[BAD END]


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