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GHOR-34 Elite Force Duel Blue

Ryosuke Natsume is sub reader of Elite Force Duel Five. He is cool and doesn’t like gather in groups. He always beats opponent relentlessly. Science technical officer Mari Hoshikage supports his team. She is rumored that she used to a Duel Pink but she is adored by everyone. Such days are collapsed suddenly. It is caused by Ryosuke unconsciously. His target was Mari. Tiny misunderstandings generate bigger one. They become suspicious each other. Something crush down into Mari’s mind and then Ryosuke suffers surrender. Ryosuke confuses transportation into bikini type armor. Mari skillfully leads him into a trap. He is given a wedgie as his toes are suspended. He ejaculates into his armor. Countless missiles are launched toward his marked groin. Violent electric shock device attached to nutsack spark his sexual organ. He is bound with surrendered posture and his erected penis is decorated with red ribbon. He ejaculates over and over again. An injection approaches his penis. Ryosuke and Mari fall into the no return world. Some litters of milky liquid pour onto perfect armored body. What will happen to them next? What is Duel Five’s future…? [BAD END]

GHOR-34 01

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